Blown Opportunity: Skittles “Marshawn Lynch Press Conference”

Skittles had a brilliant opportunity in Marshawn Lynch. The Seattle Seahawks running back loves Skittles and hates press conferences (he recently answered every reporters' question on Super Bowl press day with "I'm here so I won't get fined.") Skittles has the opportunity to hold a "press conference" with Lynch and delivers viewers a 2 minute 37 second dud. 

On the internet, there isn't time to watch anything over a minute. Our attention spans are getting shorter — advertisements on YouTube need to grab your attention in the first five seconds or they'll be skipped. Give me the best 30 seconds you've got, Skittles, or I'm not watching. Some bits are good ("do you wish the field were twice as long, so you could get a 200-yard rushing touchdown") but most are bland and forgettable.

Great idea, Skittles, but poor execution.


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Bad Ad: Verizon FiOS “How Sweet It Is”

Come on, Verizon, comparing your customers to ants? Not a good idea.
The cute little girl who loses her ice cream in the first three seconds is completely forgotten as we dive deep into an ant colony. I admit that I probably have more negative feelings about ants than most (a bad childhood experience… don’t ask) but comparing your customers to an animal  most often seen as a pest is not a winning proposition.
Ants are not “cute” and are not known for thinking for themselves. I see the parallel between the internet and ant nests, but why not pick a (relatively) cuter, similarly social animal like bees?
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Good Ad: GEICO “It’s What You Do”

Ah, it seems like just yesterday that I wrote about the first GEICO camel ad, giving it a full five Kongs… wait a minute, that was in August! I just haven't written in that long!

Anyway, this ad is equally good. In fact, I'm just finishing Hey Whipple, Squeeze This and this is a good example of a good ad campaign. That's right, I'm using advertising words now! GEICO has built upon the success of its first ad, leveraging the good idea into a whole second ad. Part of the punch is having seen the first camel ad, but even if you haven't, the joke is clear enough. This is a great ad.


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